TL;DR – Great American House Fire is a female fronted Indie rock / Fake Emo-Weiner Rock / Post-punk band from Denver Colorado. We were formerly know as The Good Gracious

The Long Version:

Neil Young said that every good band can be categorized into 2 columns: The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. You’re either intellectual and progressive, always searching for new sounds and expanded boundaries; or you’re perfecting music that lives in the now, emotionally and physically putting your all into your performance. The eternal battle between the heart and the mind. Great American House Fire does their best to straddle that fence. 

Musically diverse at it’s core, we feel just as at home at a punk rock house show as we do at a dive bar with honkytonk bands, or at our favorite local music halls with any number of indie rock brethren. That is not to say we don’t have a musical identity we just don’t tend to identify with a genre, but we do pull influence from musically important cities like Seattle, Omaha, DC, Chicago, San Fransisco and Detroit without forgetting how much we owe to our own scene in Denver.

We’re no stranger to the stage, featuring members who’s resumes include local bands like Spokeshaver, The Missing DuFrenes, The Uncertain Sea, and Out On Bail. After spending our first 2 years of existence solidifying the right line up and crafting songs we are all proud of we are ready to show off what we think makes us great – a melding of heart and mind.

Great American House Fire is:

Kristin Garramone – Vocals & Keys
Josh Cool – Guitar
Peter Higgins – Drums
Kraig Hallgren – bass
Danny Stewart – Guitar
Mike Berkesch – Guitar

Formerly Chris Radigan – Guitar, Adam Oderberg – Bass. & Ryan Self -Bass.


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